Dermal Needling

Dermal Needling or Micro Needling is a treatment where tiny holes are created in the skin with the use of very fine surgical needles. This creates channels in the skins surface, these tiny pinpricks act as a bunch of mini injuries kick starting your skin into healing mode causing new collagen and elastin production, improved cell function, growth factor release and increased cell turnover.

These specialised facials when teamed with skin boosting serums and my specialised M-pen address many of your skin aging concerns.  Great for rehydration, fine lines, acne scarring, pigmentation, pores, skin laxity and overall rejuvenation.

After one treatment you will see an improvement however a course of 4 treatments at 4-6 week intervals will have an accumulative effect resulting in a more dramatic improvement.  

Hi I’m Deb Swann

I’m passionate about helping women look their best so they can feel happy, empowered, confident and beautiful in their own skin.

From the moment you step into my private and serene studio in Cambridge and our outlying clinics in Hamilton, Feilding and Wanganui you will feel at ease.  I will listen to your concerns and personally deliver customised treatments following free consultation. Together we will develop a personalised treatment plan to address your needs resulting in a natural and regenerated look.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you feel and look your best both inside and out through skin treatments personalised for you.  


Your Free Facial Assessment

Your facial assessment is the first and most important step in addressing your facial and skin concerns.  

This is where you meet me to see if I will be the right fit for you.

During a facial assessment, we discuss your skin, the shape of your face, your concerns and expectations.

From there I will work with you to devise a treatment plan tailored to meet your desired goal.

I will help you achieve a natural and refreshed look enhancing your features.

Plans can include wrinkle smoothing treatments or facial contouring treatments, skin treatments or a combination. Payment plans are available.

There are many different factors that impact your facial structure and skin appearance.

  • Age 

  • Sun exposure

  • Genetics

  • Diet

  • Lifestyle

Book a free no obligation consultation today and take the first step to getting the appearance you love.