I’m Deborah Swann, I am a registered Appearance Medicine Nurse.

My primary clinic is in Cambridge, New Zealand, I also have a clinic in Whanganui.

To make an appointment, click on the buttons below in your desired location, email deborah@fullcircle.nz or call 027 296 8289


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Your Free Facial Assessment

Your facial assessment is the first and most important step in addressing your facial and skin concerns.  

This is where you meet me to see if I will be the right fit for you.

During a facial assessment, we discuss your skin, the shape of your face, your concerns and expectations.

From there I will work with you to devise a treatment plan tailored to meet your desired goal.

I will help you achieve a natural and refreshed look enhancing your features.

Plans can include wrinkle smoothing treatments or facial contouring treatments, skin treatments or a combination. Payment plans are available.

There are many different factors that impact your facial structure and skin appearance.

  • Age 

  • Sun exposure

  • Genetics

  • Diet

  • Lifestyle

Book a free no obligation consultation today and take the first step to getting the appearance you love.