Couperend Maintenance Cream


Cream for sensitive skin prone to diffuse redness and/ore visible surface micro-capillaries. Its soothing and decongestant action helps to minimise skin irritation and redness. Apply twice a day morning and night following cleansed and toned skin.

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Moisturising cream that alleviates capillary fragility and redness in sensitive skin that is prone to couperosis. It strengthens the capillaries and decreases the intensity of redness and telangiectasia.

ANTI-REDNESS: the combination of Sweet Clover, Ruscus, Bilberry, Hesperidin and Escin extracts exerts a powerful anti-inflammatory and vasoprotective effect, eliminating visible redness and strengthening capillaries. Improves the appearance of skin, providing uniformity and softness.

MOISTURISING AND RELIPIDANT: rich in squalene and panthenol and provides elasticity. It also prevents peeling and skin irritation.

BIO-BALANCING: the presence of a prebiotic, acetyl heptapeptide-4, promotes a balanced microbiota and beneficial bacteria in order to strengthen the barrier function and thus the skin’s natural defence system.

ANTIOXIDANT: tretrapeptide-2 offers protection against oxidation produced by the main reactive species from daily exposure to external agents.


How to use:

Use twice a day, morning and evening.
Apply twice daily, in the morning and at night.
Apply after the usual concentrate on clean, dry skin and massage until completely absorbed.


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